Unlike many CX specialists, we are completely comfortable working with whatever constraints you may have – including tight timelines, unusual requests and even legacy systems. We also understand your needs may outstrip your budget and can help map a phased approach that gets the best results as soon as possible.

There are no off-the-shelf systems with PTP – and there are no shortcuts. In the end, the only metric that matters to us is that your system outperforms your expectations.


A strong partner ecosystem ensures our CX solutions are the absolute best. Since we have a keen understanding of the performance capabilities of each solution set, you can trust that our recommendation will fit perfectly with your business needs – and we won’t oversell.

And because we have extensive experience integrating cutting edge technology from a wide variety of sources, you can trust that your integration will be seamless and hassle-free.


Simply put, everything we do is with your end-goal in mind. Our culture is based on accountability and defining achievable benchmarks of success. We don’t over-promise and we never under-deliver. If we tell you our system will achieve certain goals, it will.

Our founders were steeped in performance-based engagements before founding PTP and brought that ethos with them. So you can rest assured we’re committed to your project’s success in a very real – and tangible – way.