• Growing customer base due to the healthcare exchange & reform
  • Pressure to increase MTMs and caller avoidance rates (CAR)
  • Needed to innovate outdated technology to increase business process efficiency
  • Required alignment between CX and BSC’s brand promise to “Make health coverage easier while providing access to quality care at competitive rates.”

Strategic Assessment

Identified & Prioritized Over a Dozen Strategic CX Opportunities

  • Stakeholder & business driver alignment
  • Technology gap analysis & optimization
  • Customer insight & industry benchmarking

Implementing the Strategy

Legacy IVR Replacement

  • Improves efficiency, navigation and task completion by callers
  • Reduces live agent call volumes

Intelligent Interaction Routing

  • Personalizes call flow and experience based on customer needs (member, non-member, provider, producer)

Bilingual (English, Spanish) Speech Solution

  • Increases user experience and customer reach

IVR Caller Persona & User Experience

  • Elevates brand identity and creates an easy to use, experience based on customer insight

Intelligent Desktop with Screen Pop

  • Provides complete customer history transparency
  • Educates contact center reps & improves CX
  • Minimizes number of screens a rep must have open


Support Services

Application Optimization Tuning and Upgrade Implementation

  • Strategically leverage reporting
  • Efficiently implement upgrades and enable staff to take advantage of new features


  • Over 50% CAR increase
  • Scalable architecture handles over 13 million calls per year
  • CSATs increased
  • Cost per call decreased
Blue Shield of California


BSC, an independent member of the Blue Shield Association, is a not-for-profit health plan dedicated to providing Californians with access to high-quality healthcare at a reasonable price.



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PTP Solution Reach

  • 5,000 employees
  • 4 million members
  • 115,000 providers, 1 million + providers across blue plans


“You truly have amassed a great bunch of people, and I look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship with PTP not only because of your ability to get the job done but because every single one of them put their heart and soul into making sure that every project, every account, doesn’t just function but really is a reflection of them as individuals and something they can be proud of at the end of the day.”

– Jessica Kaufman Senior Manager of Voice Solutions, Blue Shield of California