• Provide efficient, centralized and consistent customer service for Child Support Services
  • Inconsistent customer service across 59 independently operated sites
  • Manage 100 local and toll free numbers with IVR systems
  • Additionally, each site maintained their own call center environment which varied from a key system to a full featured PBX


Implementation of a new statewide centralized contact center solution, which included

  • Centralized headquarters data center that supports 58 counties
  • Centralized speech-enabled IVR system in English and Spanish
  • Centralized Genesys-based contact center solution with intelligent call routing to the 58 counties
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) screen pop to the agent desktops
  • Voice Over IP (SIP Server) core network routing
  • Statewide and county level reporting
  • Statewide telecommunications network and quality monitoring


PTP provided technical project management, call center and telephony subject matter experts, who defined the State’s requirements and constructed the statewide contact center solution including

  • Telephony Assessments for all call centers
  • Design and development of IVR speech application in English and Spanish
  • System testing and tuning
  • Training Plan development
  • Technical Project Management including solution roll-out oversight for 59 sites
  • Staffed the Internal CSE Help Desk
  • Knowledge transfer and solution documentation including: IVR User Interface Design, Functional Design Specification, Technical Design Specification, Developer Guide,Operations Guide, ACD Agent and Supervisor Quick Reference Guides
  • Ongoing application support


The state realized the following

  • Significantly improved customer experience
  • Single state-wide toll free number for the public
  • Proactive caller-specific information alerts regarding payments, balances and appointments; context sensitive menus and expanded self-service options
  • Decrease in call handling time – callers don’t re-identify
  • Improved management capabilities with centralized routing, quality monitoring and reporting
  • High Availability
California Department of Child Support Services


In 1999, legislative reform created a new State Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) that made DCSS directly responsible for reducing the cost of and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of child support operations at the State and County levels. One of the Department’s major efforts has been to implement a new statewide Child Support Enforcement (CSE) system. This overall automation effort is called the California Child Support Automation System (CCSAS) project.



PTP Partner Since



“PTP has consistently stepped up to and beyond their contractual obligations on the Department of Child Support Services project, filling the gaps that other vendors have left and delivering excellent services. The leadership and the technical caliber of the team have anchored this project as it has moved through some very challenging periods since late last year. Because of PTP’s presence on Enterprise Customer Service Solution, we are now poised to successfully implement the solution as it was originally envisioned.”

-Shannon Kuzmich, Project Manager, State of California