• Due to increasing demand for real estate licenses and expanding expectations of the highly mobile, technology savvy real estate brokers and salespersons, a high percentage of callers were dissatisfied with DRE’s phone system.
  • Busy signals, minimal self service and difficulty navigating the touchtone IVR system were causing callers to get routed incorrectly, disconnected and frustrated.
  • DRE desired to implement a new call center system to provide their callers an intelligent “automated” agent to expedite requests and minimize the need for DRE staff assistance.


A state-of-the-art IVR and call center solution that included

  • A standards-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system with speech recognition to enhance the caller experience
  • A highly customized IVR application offering callers the latest information on where they are in the examination and licensing process and what they need to complete the process
  • Easy-to-navigate self service options available 24 hours a day including scheduling an exam and ordering a duplicate license
  • Options and Information in English & Spanish
  • Estimated wait time in queue, so callers can make an informed choice to wait for live assistance or self serve
  • Intelligent call routing for callers desiring live assistance
  • Custom agent screen pop and soft phone for DRE technicians to enhance staff utilization, so callers don’t have to repeat information already provided in the IVR system
  • Business continuity options allowing continued customer service in the event the DRE site is inaccessible


The following PTP services ensure success in achieving DRE’s project goals

• IVR and call center requirements gathering and documentation

• Solution and vendor evaluation, selection, procurement assistance and implementation

• Detailed IVR application design including Persona Definition and User Interface Design

• Custom IVR application development

• IVR application Usability Testing

• IVR application Tuning

• Custom ACD routing strategy design and implementation

• Training plan development

• Custom IVR reports

• Knowledge Transfer and Solution Documentation: Technical Design Document, Developers Guide, Operations Guide, Business Continuity processes, Softphone User Guide

• Project management, vendor oversight, customer advocacy, and IV&V


The new IVR and call center solution

  • Provides significantly improved, consistent customer service
  • Eliminated disconnects and misrouted calls
  • Offers proactive exam and licensing status
  • Includes expanded, easy-to-navigate self service options
  • Services twice as many calls without increasing DRE staff
  • Enhances staff utilization
  • Provides detailed caller-specific information offering a context sensitive menu with only the options that are applicable to that caller
  • Elevates caller experience through an efficient IVR flow
  • Minimizes the need for DRE agent assistance
California Department of Real Estate (DRE)


The Mission of the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) is to protect and serve the interests of the public in real estate transactions and provide related services to the real estate industry. One of DRE’s core tasks is qualifying individuals for licensure. The Licensing Program, located in the Sacramento headquarters, receives and processes examination and license applications. One of DRE’s strategic objectives is to “Improve operations and services through the use of automation and technology.”



PTP Partner Since



“PTP’s approach to our project has been a collaborative effort bringing together the right expertise during the various project phases. PTP’s understanding of the complexities of call center components, standards, natural language, and human interfaces is essential to our project success. PTP’s quality of work reflects their high professional standards, they effectively communicate the goals and interplay of ideas and concepts, they can be relied upon to meet schedules and deadlines, and they effectively blend management skills with technical expertise.”

– Barbara Bigby, CIO, CA Department of Real Estate