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With the increasing concern over the current spread of the COVID-19 virus, or the Coronavirus,  companies need to provide more information to their customers, as well as handle the increase in inbound call volumes and online queries.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Custom IVR Menu: Add a customized prompt to your IVR to identify callers with concerns about COVID-19. An example might be “Are you calling to hear how ABC Company is responding to the Corona virus?”.

You can also add specific language to ensure customers know you are dedicated to keeping your employees, agents and contact centers safe. For example, “We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure our employees are able to work from home, deep cleaning offices, and creating environments to increase social distancing.”

  • Call Routing: Add routing specifically for customers contacting you about COVID-19, for example, directing these customers to a group of agents with specific training.

We have UI and UX designers, engineers, and architects standing by to assist you.

There are no obligations and no hidden agendas. It’s part of our company culture to ensure we’re always doing the right thing.