Public sector organizations are being challenged to perform their program mission and objectives in a more cost-effective and efficient manner, while providing better services to their constituents.

Whether you are looking to create an enterprise government strategy or modernize outdated technologies, we can meet your unique business drivers and needs. Our Strategic Services consultants use government industry benchmarks, research insight and over 20 years of expertise to assess your technology and business processes.

During a strategic assessment, we identify and define

  • Challenge areas that affect business goals
  • Opportunities that could bring significant value to your organization
  • Options and alternatives to consider when embarking on organizational improvements
  • A strategic framework, so you make sound investment decisions regarding time, resources and funding

The Strategic Assessment gives your agency the tools for building business cases that guide your organization’s transformation as you accelerate the timeliness and quality of services you provide to your constituents. It’s a win-win situation.


Strategic Planning is the beginning of every successful project. It allows you to put your enterprise vision into action with strategic government initiatives that will support your business drivers and goals.

Our Strategic Planning starts with a holistic look at your business processes, organizational structures and technologies from an enterprise perspective. While there may be many areas where you can make incremental improvements, we prioritize your overall organizational transformation into high-value projects, programs and initiatives that fit your business needs. Thus, your strategic plan includes initiatives that will transform the way you perform your civic service and bring in the greatest share of benefits to your agency and your constituents.


Once we have determined which initiatives will best suit your enterprise strategy, we help you create a phased roadmap that ties technology solutions, business process improvements and necessary organizational changes to your business drivers and highlights each solution’s projected value. Your strategic roadmap will take into account tactical execution, such as people who will be involved in the project, and a phased approach that fits with your organization’s timeline and budget.

We have extensive experience with Enterprise, Constituent Experience, Business Analytics andSecurity Roadmaps.


A sustainable analytics program must involve thought leaders, who understand the full range of strategic value analytics can provide.

It is often enticing for beginning business intelligence (BI) programs to leap to hard-core analytics technologies, including Big Data, without understanding the comprehensive analytics vision necessary to achieve transformational business value. Our Business Analytics Roadmap provides a strategic model for establishing a solid analytical foundation that serves as a catalyst for your emerging Center of Analytical Excellence and ensures a sustainable analytics program. It will identify high-priority, high-reward initiatives for year one of projects that should be implemented over three to five years and will serve as the foundation of your analytics program.


Security works best if treated as a program that is improved continually, and not only as a checkmark on a compliance report. Our Security Roadmap consultants analyze current information-security states and compare them to practical starting points tailored to your business needs.

Next, we work with you to outline the steps for creating a sustainable information security program. Our goal is to identify the priorities that will pay the highest dividends for your organization.

The resulting Security Roadmap will identify and recommend high-priority security projects for the next three to five years, with year-one projects being those that meet your most immediate security needs or serve as the foundation for a comprehensive security program.