Looking to the future, the Millennials and Generation Z will have the largest share-of-wallet, requiring organizations to leverage customer demographic data to segment and reach out to segmented customer bases in a personalized manner. When you apply demographic insight with the customer data captures you have, your organization will be able to create meaningful marketing messaging, a brand experience that is aligned with customer needs and responsive, individualized support services that make customers want to take the journey again and again.

The World’s Leading Retail Technology Provider Implements A Global Dynamic, Personalized Voice Solution

A personalized, intelligent customer experience solution that lives up to the innovative brand persona of one of the world’s largest technology retail companies brought in a $7M+ ROI in under a year. To increase identification and authentication, the retail organization implemented a dynamic voice solution that is personalized by product segment and the individual caller. Customers create an online profile in a web portal and have the option of nicknaming all of their devices – this information is saved and used when the customer calls the IVR or live agent. The solution reaches customers in the USA, Canada, and EMEA and has been optimized for multiple languages, dialects, and locales. For reporting and improved knowledge management, the solution integrates with multiple back-end systems to create an experience that drives brand loyalty. After 7+ years with PTP, the technology retail provider continues to optimize and grow their customer experience globally with intelligent analytics that inform a global customer journey.

Luxury Department Store Markets Through Subtle, Personalized Messages

A luxury department store uses customer segmentation, profiling, and predictive analytics to market to customers across channels in a personalized yet subtle manner. They offer suggestions to customers based on prior buying habits because it is much easier to keep a customer loyal to a product they already buy from you than it is to make suggestions based on data you just don’t have. For example, a customer who always buys a dress might have a shoe recommended by a stylist 1 out of the 10 contacts the department store makes with the customer. To respect customers’ privacy, the luxury department store takes a tactical non-aggressive approach to personalized proactive outreach.

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