Channel-Specific UX Insight


Web UX

Web user experience is more than just design. We use analytics and customer journey mapping to optimize your interaction design, information flow, navigation and interface. Users will enjoy a seamless brand experience when self serving on your website, in your customer web portal or via e-mail.


Mobile UX

As the buying power shifts generations and technology advancements drive smart phone purchases, it is increasingly important to ensure that your brand experience is fast, convenient and easy to use on any mobile device.

We understand there are specific considerations to account for in designing for the smaller, mobile screen and can help you create a consistent brand experience by aligning the functionality of the mobile app to that of your website.


Voice UX

The voice and user interface of your IVR provides instant branding, and branding helps organizations succeed. In addition to extending your brand, the user interface plays a central role in customer satisfaction and your ability to realize a return on investment with your contact center technologies.

Your IVR is also your busiest customer service representative, so make sure it’s performing for you. It is most important that the design of your IVR reflects the brand tenants of the enterprise, including the appropriate amount of automation, so customers can intuitively traverse it.

Persona Development

Understanding who your customers are and developing personalized communication that reaches them in their channel of choice is key to increasing customer loyalty.

We have an experienced team of consultants who can help you create customer personas, using user archetypes, for all your customer segments. This will enable you to implement a customer-centric design that is tailored to your customer segment profiles and behaviors.

Localization Services

Becoming a global enterprise entails much more than just translating your product or service into the local language. In today’s global marketplace, your products and services must reflect the local market in terms of culture, language and business requirements.

Localization is the process of creating a product or service that appears to have been produced in the target country. It will have the same look and feel as if it had been developed locally.

We can help you with:

  • Contact Center and Service Process Localization
  • Marketing Campaign Localization
  • Sales Process Localization
  • IVR Localization

Usability Testing

We test the way customers interact with your website, application or IVR to help align the user interface design with the user’s needs, limitations, mental models and cognitive styles. Our usability testing services provide quick and practical tools to accurately predict the user’s experience, so you can:

  • Discover and fix problems early in the process
  • Verify the success of your changes
  • Reliably benchmark your new application against legacy systems

At different points of the development lifecycle, we employ various usability testing techniques to ensure that our designs are usable, efficient and intuitive. Early in the design, we may do card sorting or Wizard of Oz testing to validate design decisions. Later in the project, we may initiate an evaluative usability study of the end-to-end system to identify any remaining usability issues.


If strategically relevant, we also provide large-scale, web-based testing with people whose experience mirrors your customer base. This unique methodology provides:

  • Statistically significant results from hundreds to thousands of participants
  • Quick turnaround to meet your design and development schedules