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Digital Wake Up
Future of the Contact Center – Digital Transformation
We call it the Digital Wake-Up Call. And many organizations are sleeping through it. But it’s time to answer!  Everyone knows that ...
Making Self-Service Work for your Customers
A photo of shopping baskets at a Sephora recently went viral. Grab a red basket and it means "I would like to ...
AI Industry Survey
Social Lens Research and PTP Launch Industry Survey – Share Your Opinion
We're launching an industry report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the customer experience. We'd love your input.  AI technology ...
The right blend of AI and the human interaction in CX ebook
Rise of the Machine: What’s the Right Balance of AI and Human Interaction in CX?
Artificial Intelligence. It's the hot, trendy topic that gets bantered around as being 'the next big thing' in CX. But how much ...
Mapping and Marrying the Self-service Experience
What is the right balance of automation and the human touch in the customer experience (CX)? How much self-service is too much? ...
Customer Journey Map
Why You Can’t Improve CX Without a Customer Journey Map
How important is customer experience (CX)? According to a report from the Temkin Group, an organization with $1 billion in annual revenue ...
Crystal Collier of PTP
Podcast: PTP’s Crystal Collier on Learning, Listening, and CX Leadership
Crystal Collier is no stranger to the customer experience (CX) realm. And she has a lot of valuable insight to share. She ...
Financial Services and CX
Why Financial Services Firms Need a CX Strategy
Every industry has been tremendously impacted by the advent of the smartphone, but few more than the financial industry. Phones and even ...

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